About Our High-Quality Landscape Photographic Prints

Our Photographic Philosophy is to fight the cliche. Unlike other on-line galleries, that offer 25 slightly different versions of basically the same picture, we only offer the best of the lot...and then, only if the picture is exceptional. We only show our best. We go for bright and well saturated colors and unique points of view.

Our Product Philosophy is to produce images of a quality and appearance that are worthy of display in any room and last forever.

Regular Dalmdad Landscape Photography prints are professionally printed by one of California's premiere photographic printing companies on standard 8"x10" glossy finish photo paper and mounted on 2mm acrylic. We mount our prints on acrylic because our experience shows acrylic backings prevent print buckling and unwanted reflections off the surface of the print. Deluxe prints are 11" 14" glossy finish photo paper and mounted on 2mm acrylic.

Selected prints are available on large-sized 16"x20", paper, matted up to fill a 20"x24" frame hole. As usual, the prints are mounted on 2mm acrylic and have glossy surfaces.

Final cropping may not exactly match catalog image. However, all prints may be returned for any reason.

Low resolution banding on thumbnails will not be visible on the final print. Of course, as mentioned above, all prints may be returned for any reason

Dalmdad Landscape Photography also offers selected prints on stretched canvas. Canvas options include (16" by 20" minimum size):

* Photographic Stretched Canvas - photos are printed on Kodak Endura silver based photo paper. The print is then bonded with high pressure and heat onto museum quality canvas.

* Gicl�e Stretched Canvas Prints - printed directly onto museum-quality canvas material using high-quality archival inks. Gicl�e is a premium service.

When determining whether a photo/print will make an exceptional Gicl�e Stretched Canvas Print, a critical issue is the amount of subject matter near the edges of the print which will ultimately be folded around the stretch frame. If you would like information about purchasing a print on canvas that we do not normally offer on canvas, please contact us directly.


We do not use full service photo print fulfillment services.

Please see our blog post on why we do not use 3rd Party Print Fulfillment Services.


Free shipping unless otherwise stated.


Our eyes are the last ones to see your purchase before you do!