Travel Guide to Inland Monterey County, CA

Travel Guide to Inland Monterey County, CA
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If you mention Monterey to most tourists, they will probably instantly think of the ocean, Cannery Row, the aquarium, and miscellaneous other tourist sites.

What they probably will not think about in the interior of Monterey County, where most American produce comes from.

That is where Travel Guide to Inland Monterey County, CA comes in.

I want to take you to places you have never been and will probably never go.

This book is the result of:
* 3000 miles of driving up and down the US101 and the back roads of Monterey County
* hours at the California History Room at the Monterey Public Library
* hundreds of words of description
* selecting from thousands of images

I want to describe and show you what it is like to stand in the middle of the small bridge spanning the San Lorenzo Creek. The only sounds you will hear will be from the shallow crystal-clear creek flowing over the moss-colored creek bed.

I want you to feel the heat of inland Monterey County's summer, learn about its communities, see the produce grown in the Salinas Valley and long for a bbq lunch in Parkfield; the self-titled "Earthquake Capital of the World".

Table of Contents
Overview of Salinas Valley
City of Soledad and the Arroyo Seco
Carmel Valley Road
Lower Salinas River Valley
San Lucas
Jolon and the San Antonio River Valley
King City Area
Shirttail Gulch to West Pinnacles
Parkfield and Beyond
Mission Soledad
Some Monterey County Critters
Food and Gas


Size 7" by 7"
Hardcover w/book-jacket and autographed
80 pages
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This book would be perfect for a coffee or end table in a Monterey County office, hotel, winery, mission, or museum. The book would be perfect in your souvenir area.

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